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Digital Payment Systems enables you to digitize your payment processes for payroll, supply payments and more.

Digital Services

We provide Digital Remittance Services to Businesses and State governments seeking East the cost associated with diaspora remittance worldwide

Secured Cards and E-Wallets

Government Issued Secured Credit Card and GIVE - E-Wallets reduce cost for those making remittance to family and friends

Leader in Global Digitalization

Leading The Way in Global Digitalization Bringing Safety, Accountability and Integrity to the Worlds Growing Economy

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Omega Marketing Services LLC will help to insure a seamless process from set up to approval to the actual launching of the card campaign

GIVE E-Wallets reduce cost



Omega Marketing Services LLC serves as a U.S. based marketing services company organized to introduce world governments and respective businesses in becoming suitable partners for the distribution of international loyalty secured credit card and E-Wallet programs that contribute directly to the country’s…

Omega Marketing Services LLC - Our Services

We help coordinate the right industry relationships on behalf of our clients to produce a superior quality secured credit card and E-wallet program.



We consult with government, business and industry interested in co-branding secured credit cards and e-wallets with the client becoming the issuing partner


We help coordinate the right industry relationships to produce on behalf of our clients a superior quality secured credit card.

Integorvernmental Payroll

Intergovernmental payroll to reduce ghost name syndrome.


We assist with and help you Streamline vendor payments.

Cryptocurrency Transactions

Assist with helping you Generate revenue on Cryptocurrency Transactions.

Blockchain Technology

We help Establish Blockchain technology across platforms.

Committed To Helping Clients Digitize Their Payment Systems

Helping Government and Business clients assist citizens, employees and commissioned sales representatives to become banked, and qualify for credit and send money home worldwide.


Partner With Us.

Do you want to launch your own Prepaid Debit or International Secured Co-Branded Credit Card or Payroll Card For Your Employees Or Sales Team… Contact us.



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