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“Digital Payment Systems enables you to digitize your payment processes for payroll, supply payments and more.


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We provide Digital Payment Systems solutions to governments and businesses seeking to ease the cost associated with payroll, commission and contract payments worldwide. We help eliminate the rising cost of worldwide money transfer. Our digital solutions offer convertibility & Integration with Major Cryptocurrencies – Fully integrated to major cryptocurrency exchanges for crypto-fiat convertibility.

Our Business to Business clients are able to offer their personnel and commissioned sales staff Secured Credit Cards and GIVE E-Wallets that reduce cost for those making global employees making remittance to family and friends almost anywhere in the world. Our clients as issuer generate additional direct revenues associated with fees charged by Payment System Providers and Card Processors.

About the Founder

About The Founder
Our commitment to the clients we work with is to provide the highest values of Honesty, Integrity and Solutions when serving the needs of governments, banking and business leaders.
From helping to introduce and implement strategies for African governments economic development, streamlined personnel and contract payments, and expense savings programs we aim to provide real time solutions for a changing culture and economy.
We will always tell our clients what is realistically achievable and what is not.  We will analyze the solutions we offer in light of the economy and culture we are seeking to serve.  Where we find that solutions we offer are realistically feasible, we will do everything to help our client adopt the solutions that best fits their vision and goals.
The changing landscape of business can introduce challenges that require immediate attention.  Our commitment is to stay on the forefront of being able to provide real time up to date knowledge that will help our clients make informed decisions.
Business success is about implementation of economic strategies that produce profits for shareholders while improving the quality of life for employees and citizens.  These goals can be met where our clients have access to pertinent information in real time.  We are in business to help our clients be the best at generating revenue, saving on expenses, and improving the overall quality of life of our clients and who they serve.
Our company motto is “You are as valuable as the solutions that you provide.”
We believe that often times contained within the problem itself is the solution and solutions when found and implemented are of tremendous value.
One right solution can change a company’s economics, its communication with employees and its relationship with contractors and suppliers.
Solutions are at the core of problem solving and problem solving is our core business.  Our own value is that our worth as a company is directly connected to the quality of solutions that we provide to our clients that their worth in the marketplace and community is increased.
With these core values in mind, HIS PROGRAM enables us to stay focused across industries in Banking, Payment Systems, Purchasing, Cost Savings and Global Marketing.
Our commitment is to serve as a catalyst for bridging the Diaspora with Africa economically and culturally.  Please review our website and we would be honored to get to know you and understand your needs.