Card Products

We help coordinate the right industry relationships on behalf of our clients to produce a superior quality secured credit card and E-wallet program.

A card for anyone, anywhere.

GIVE’s cloud-based platform powers global credit and debit cards equipped with loyalty rewards, tokenization, and eWallet acccess.

International Secured Credit Card

Helps establish & improve credit

Can provide unlimited credit line

No credit or banking history required

Transact worldwide

Powered by MasterCard & UnionPay

                                        Cardholder Loyalty Programs

Seemless integration between merchants and cardholders for loyalty tracking and incentives.

Cash back, coupons and discounts rewarded to cardholders based on their individual shopping activity.

Discounts, rewards & loyalty points from the world’s favorite online merchants.

Our service Payment Processor provides faster, more secure ebanking solutions that

transcend currencies, borders and sociology-economic strata.

It can be issued to residents of most countries (including the United States).

Cardholder qualifies with no credit check and no banking history check.

Cardholder can establish credit history and automatically improve his credit score (FICO).

User Group makes significant Residual Commission Revenue through cardholder spending (through Interchange Fees paid by the merchants and Foreign Exchange Fees)

Card Holder Usage Fees are very clean and reasonable.

Card can be cobranded for the User Group rapidly in 6 weeks.

It comes in virtual (for instant issuance) and physical forms.

It is a credit card, a travel card, a general spending card, a remittance card, a payroll/payout card and a high capacity savings account.

It can be loaded through mass-payout & by retail cash, funds transfer and cryptocurrencies.

As a credit card, it has advantages over prepaid over prepaid debit cards (or debit cards) in getting approvals in renting cars & purchasing gasoline can minimize or eliminate hotel holds.

It can be a MasterCard, a Visa card, a UnionPay card or American Express card.

Cardholder can also have a high capacity eWallet for multiple currencies and cryptocurrencies.

ebanking prepaid cards

It is a prepaid credit card that can be co-branded rapidly.

No Credit Check – Everyone with proper ID qualifies with a card limit of $9,900

Credit Establishment & Improvement – As prepaid, it can not go negative; so, it can help cardholder build & improve FICO credit scores in 25 countries, including U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

No Territorial restrictions – It can be issued to U.S. residents & residents of 200 countries.

Ubiquitously Loading – It an be retail cash loaded, mass-payout loaded, credit/debit card loaded, bank wire transfer loaded & Cryptocurrency withdrawal loaded.

General Spending – ATM withdrawals & spending everywhere MasterCard is accepted.

Remittance Card – It is excellent for card-to-card transfer remittance into 200 countries.

Funds Transfer Card – Funds can transfer directly out of card the account.

Travel Card – It has significant advantages over debit cards for car rental and hotel stays.

Payroll & Payout Card Worldwide – Payroll can be direct deposited into the card; for MLMs; Charge-Back issues can be solved through eWallet-to-eWallet funds transfer.