Secured Credit Card

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Secured Credit Card Presentation

Benefits & Advantages For Cardholders

1. Global Issuance – It can be issued to residents of most countries.
2. Everyone Qualifies – No credit check and no banking history check
3. Worldwide Acceptance – in 179 countries, including the interiors of Asia and Africa
4. Application Versatility – It is a credit card, a travel card, a general spending card, a card to card transfer remittance card, a cryptocurrency withdrawal card and an international payroll/payout card.

  • Example: Send $$ Thousand home for only $ 1.50
  • Example: Withdraw funds from your Crypto Wallet
  • Example: International MLM commission payout

5. Low Cardholder Usage Fees
6. Multiple Ways of Card Loading – Mass Payout loading to MLM members and employees, retail cash loading, bank branch loading, bank account transfer & cryptocurrency loading.
7. Establishing & Increasing FICO Credit Scores – for cardholders up, to $ 10 K credit line
8. Free healthcare insurance beginning in January 2020.


Benefits for Deployment by Business (User) Groups

1. Meeting Multi National Business Needs with One Card – Payroll, payout,
crypto withdrawal, worldwide funds transfer, project funding,
2. No Territorial Restrictions – One card program for the entire world
3. Rapid Co branding at Low Cost – Groups having their own card designs
4. Business Integration – API Available – With User Groups ’ back offices
5. High Residual Commission Income for User Groups – Commission
through cardholder spending (through Interchange Fees paid by the
    merchants & Foreign Exchange Fees)
6. Convertibility & Integration with Major Cryptocurrencies – Fully integrated
to major cryptocurrency exchanges for crypto fiat convertibility.

Contact us if you are an end-user group interested in your own white-labeled prepaid cards and or eWallet system for applications such as:

  • Commission pay-out
  • International payroll
  • Affinity Club
  • Crypto-currency Withdrawal

Our user groups can also make lucrative residual commissions from the members’ spending using the cards.